What is foundspot?

Pendiente BUENA Redu

Reunited with anything you have lost

Everything lost can be foun: Foundspot is a free service connecting people worldwide who have lost or found someone’s belongings. Be reunited with your beloved pet, your sentimental item and your valuable belonging.

Foundspot is in you!

Foundspot isn’t just a service helping people. It’s an energy, a force that we all have within and which encourages us to help others.

By using Foundspot you’ll be helping more people, by donating 30% of all benefits gained to social projects. The more you use Foundspot, the more it help others!

How does it work?

It’s very easy! Equally for finding as well as searching, follow these four simple steps:

  1. What? Describe it as detailed a manner as you can what you’ve either found or lost.
  1. Where? Indicate the location, area or zone where you’ve either found or lost the item.
  1. When? Tell us the date you either lost or found the item.
  1. Contact details: Give us your name and email address and contact telephone number (optional), so Foundspot can get in touch with you.And…just like that… Foundspot will get in touch with you when we have details of anyone who knows of your lost or found item so you can contact them.

Foundspot is a form of energy within us all. An energy that guides us to help each other. Foundspot wants to help improve the lives of the greatest number of people possible

Foundspot is a platform that contacts someone that has lost something valuable with the person that has found it and would like to return it.

Behind Foundspot are all those who have ever felt impotence or helplessness when their personal or valuable belongings have been lost, and for those who have found other people’s belongings and would like to return them and have not known how. Behind Foundspot are all those who feel that things can be done otherwise. Also according to our research there is a strong case towards missing pets which are in desperate need to find their owners and vice-versa where we strongly believe our mission is heading.
The founders of Foundspot are 4 friends (David, José, Manu y Nacho) who have gathered that energy within us to primarily focus on it and expand it as much as possible with all our heart. We have been inspired by many so thank you to all and everyone supporting us.

1. A person loses a valuable belonging either an item or animal alike, he/she notifies Foundspot indicating What they’ve lost? Where? And when?

2. A person Finds an item or animal alike and she/he notifies it also, responding to the same questions mentioned above

3. Foundspot puts them in contact so they can meet

Our sources of revenue are donations contributed by users and advertising revenues. With this income we pay all our bills, wages, system maintenance and improvement projects and dissemination of the platform

30% of the profits that are generated will be donated entirely to local and international social projects to support people with basic needs, improving the environment where we live.

Our Mission:

Foundspot is a free service so that people can retrieve objects or stray pets, so quick and easy
It’s use helps to collect funds for social projects that help many people improve their quality of life or, simple, to live.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where Foundspot is very present in all of us and is a worldwide reference linking people to retrieve their pets and lost properties. We can see a lot of people smiling because we have been able to help them in some way in the different social projects in which Foundspot is involved.

Our Values:

1. Our goal is to help people and we got it with the altruistic/unselfish collaboration of many. The system is fed back.

2. Social welfare as a means and as an end: collaboration in different local and   international social projects

 3. Consistency with our principles: exemplary and transparent management complying with all legal environmental requirements

We have been many years mulling over how we could fulfill a dream: Having an exciting job with which to live comfortably and at the same time, our work would serve to directly or indirectly help people in need …
And come to think … what if we work in an ONG? What if we allocate part of the wages of current work to social projects we collaborate? ….

… Let’s develop our own project and we allocate part of the profits to social projects that we created! …

… And that’s how Foundspot was discovered there in 2013. We feel, and we have been shaping up today, although it was in late 2015, after joining our savings when we gave the biggest boost.

Collaborate with Foundspot
  1. It’s a way of showing your appreciation for the service provided. It helps us maintain the service in continuing to help people to find or register items.
  2. For all of us to make the most of Foundspot.
  3. To let you add a drop to the ocean of the funds we hope to have available to help others