The status of “User” shall be acquired by any person who accesses this website or uses the services offered by Foundspot. The use of Foundspot implicitly implies the user’s acceptance and compliance to the general conditions outlined in this legal disclaimer. 
To use the services offered by this website, the User should read the terms and conditions. By using Foundspot’s services, the user accepts all terms and conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy. 
This document serves to inform you of Foundspot’s general terms and conditions. It is very important to highlight that your personal details will be used exclusively to provide you with Foundspot’s services. Your details will never be shared for another purpose other than so users can contact each other. 
The Foundspot User guarantees that notifications are not false, fraudulent or include illegal objects or pets. Likewise, the User guarantees that the sole purpose of use of Foundspot services is to recover a lost object or pet or to return a found object or pet and not for illegal purposes or purposes that contradict the terms and conditions of this service. 
Under no circumstances does Foundspot accept any responsibility for pets or objects that are reported. It is the responsibility of each Foundspot User to ensure the legitimacy of origin of the notified pets or objects. Foundspot reserves the right to take legal action against users who use Foundspot services to claim ownership or trade objects or pets of licit or illicit origin and/or notify the competent authority. Any condition or clause added between the parties during the notification, the recovery process or delivery of objects or pets, established in writing, verbal or any other means, which contradicts or is not included in these terms and conditions, will have no effect or validity. 

Dissemination of Foundspot notifications: 
The Foundspot User agrees that the content of object and pet notifications may be published by Foundspot on its website or other websites, including social networks and blogs, for informational or promotional purposes. The names of the users will not be included in such publications unless previously authorised by the User. 

Civil liability: 
The Foundspot User declares and guarantees that he or she has the legal capacity to be bound by this agreement in their country of origin and he or she is at least 18 years old. 

The Foundspot User accepts full liability for their use of this service and understands that there is a possibility that another user may not act ethically. They also accept that they cannot hold Foundspot liable for any claims stemming from the use of this service e.g. damages caused by conversations, agreements or any other type of relationship with a natural or legal person whilst using this service. 

The Foundspot User accepts that no Foundspot director, employee or collaborator is responsible, directly or indirectly, in any way, for any failure, problem, delay or interruption to the Foundspot service or any problem generated as a result of the service offered on the website.