Solve your doubts

No, this isn’t possible. Foundspot doesn’t publish the details of any users in order to avoid people claiming what isn’t theirs. All notification are internally filtered by our systems to notify people who have either lost or found items.

The notifications are sent in real time. As soon as both parties inform us of their lost and found item a notification will be sent to them with their corresponding contact details.

Of course. We offer an option which allows you to submit only basic information so Foundspot can get in touch with you: all that’s needed is your name and email.

We also offer the option of registration through Facebook, Google+ or other types of log ins.

In the email which notifies the user of their found item, there is an authentication option in which they can confirm that the item is theirs. As a result, the item will automatically be removed from the search list. Also, if you find your item or pet on your own or the same but in case you get to reach the owner of the item or pet you found, you can remove it from the platform.

Foundspot helps to allow the connection between the person who finds something to the individual who is looking for that belonging thanks to an algorithm that detects the coincidences automatically (matches). Also, we manage the shipment of that belonging to return it back to the appropriate owner. Foundspot does not manage the property (pet or item). The person who finds the (lost) property is fully responsible for that.

If you haven’t received a matching email for your lost item, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Check your Spam or Junk folder: Sometimes, emails can be automatically filtered as spam.

  2. Be patient: Make sure you have waited for the time indicated in the “how it works” section to receive the matching email. The process of searching for and matching lost items can take some time, depending on the availability and workload of the team responsible.

  3. If, after checking your Spam folder and waiting for a reasonable amount of time, you still haven’t received the matching email, we recommend contacting us at:

    1. It’s a way of showing your appreciation for the service provided. It helps us maintain the service in continuing to help people to find or register items.


    1. For all of us to make the most of Foundspot.


  1. To let you add a drop to the ocean of the funds we hope to have available to help others

Equally with the donations as the profits, they will be used to enhance the Foundspot site and for other social work projects. That’s why 30% of the benefits represent the total funds and will go to the following:

50% to national projects. Half of which will go to social works projects in one country in order to enable local action.

50% to international projects. This will go to countries where humanitarian aid is at its greatest and where they are most likely to benefit from the funds.

We are talking about benefits instead of revenues because first of all we have to ensure the maintaining of the platform and its solvency and stability.
We have calculated 30% in order to ensure that we are still able to continue spreading the Foundspot message all over the world/ In the near future we hope to increase this percentage to try and help even more people.

As soon as you have completed the matching process and contacted the other person, your object will automatically be removed from the active match search.

Absolutely! Therefore, is it very important that “founders” validate notifications correctly, to verify if they have lost or found something.

We have 5 different packs to ensure that you always have the perfect volume for your company/organization. You will need to choose the one that is appropriate according to the volume of lost items.

We guarantee to raise the success rate of the management of the lost items by more than 80% to help your clients to get their belongings back. We have saved the final clients more than 1 million euros in 2018 and we have helped in the management, reducing time spent by more than 500% (what in the past took several weeks, can be done by our platform in a matter of days). This makes the process more simple and suitable for the customers.

At Foundspot we grant a license for the annual use of the personalized platform. Also, we offer technical support with the platform. The physical management of collection, storage and output of the recovered items is 100% performed by the staff of each organization, as well as the digital management of the object matches.

You will only need Internet access and the login details to start working with our platform. We will give you access to your personalized platform, so you just need to link it to your company websites and apps.