Donations are the main source of income for Foundspot, on which we depend to keep going and continue helping many people around the world.
We sincerely thank you for wanting to help and be part of Foundspot and we would like to remind you of the reasons to donate to Foundspot:

1. It is a way of showing gratitude for the free service that the platform offers. We need funds to maintain it and improve it. By donating, you can continue to help more people like yourself and keep the Foundspot energy alive
2. To help everyone recover their lost items and achieve many founders
3. Because your little bit of help contributes to helping people in need

Therefore 30% of our profits from advertising and donations will go to social projects. Many people are working everyday behind the scenes at Foundspot to create a more supportive and cooperative world. To maintain and spread Foundspot’s message, we have calculated that we can devote 30% of the profits we generate from collaborations and advertising. We hope to increase this percentage soon and allocate more funds to social work and helping more people.

This is how we share out your help:

50% National projects: Half of the funds collected are used for charitable work in a particular country and are intended for local action in that country.

50% International projects: 50% of funds collected are used for charitable work in countries where the humanitarian need is greater and they need our help more.

Therefore, if for example in Italy €10000 of donations are raised, €5000 will be invested in social projects in Italy and €5000 will go to social projects in other parts of the world that are most in need. And it will be like this in every country where Foundspot raises funds.

Foundspot is committed to ensuring the following to all donors:

1. Providing regular updates on how donations are being used and about the social projects that your money is helping.
2. The board guarantees that donations will be used to help as many people as possible and with the highest possible quality.
3. 100% of donations will be used for purposes that donors and other users have been informed about.
4. Any doubts or requests for information can be sent to Foundspot and we agree to respond as quickly and sincerely as possible.
5. Personal data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with Spanish legislation.

Foundspot is committed to managing your personal details and all information provided during the donation process in a completely confidential way. We will never publish, sell, change or rent any data.
The information collected during the donation process can include your name, amount donated, address, telephone number, donor comments, email address and any other personal information that you have provided. This information will be used exclusively to process payments and generate analysis and statistics for internal use which could be used for publications. Names will never be published unless donors have given their express authorisation.
For legal obligation and only when strictly necessary, we may share specific information with competent authorities and when necessary, apply Foundspot’s legal terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Ways in which donor information may be used:
To thank a donor for their donation
For internal analysis and statistics for internal use
Reports required by law

We use Paypal to process online donations. You can, normally, consult Paypal’s privacy policy on their website.

You can send any queries you may have to the following email Please include “DONATIONS” in the subject line.

Foundspot reserves the right to update, modify or delete any information, mainly due to legislation updates.